“Stonehenge Selfie”

25 years ago, my flatmate Giles asked me “Do you want a tarot reading”.

Even though we were both spiritual, my flat out answer was “No! I don`t believe in Tarot”

25 years on, Giles asked me “ Do you want to join me on a tarot course”

My immediate answer was “ Yes” ! How time changes someone!

10 weeks later after completing the beginner’s course, myself, Giles and 3 other fun-filled ladies from the class found ourselves heading off to Glastonbury for a weekend of tarot reading with Avril, the leader of the course. The course was for 2 full days on Saturday and Sunday and it was entitled something like “ Tarot and Mental Health and Well Being”…..oh the joys I thought!!!!!

Giles and I both agreed it would be best to take the day off on the Friday so we could drive leisurely to Glastonbury and meet up with everyone for some drink and food that evening. That would also give us time to shop, shop, and shop some more.

I had my youngest son`s award assembly in the morning (look out for that blog!!!) so Giles picked me up around 10:15am and off we went to Glastonbury.

Just as we started along the A303, we stopped off for quickly. Giles bought a coffee and had a quick wee and I had “some fresh air” and then soon we were on our way again.

Now, if you know the route down the A303, you will also know that from the roundabout just before coming up to Stonehenge, is usually congested. I fortunately know a sneaky quicker back route (thank you Mr Tate), which I am not willing to share too quickly because then it won`t be a sneaky quick back route!!!!!!

However, we took the sneaky quicker back route and when we pulled out onto the slip road just literally as the 2 lanes go into one at Stonehenge, Giles was ready to hug and kiss me as he drives this route at least 3 times a year. (* see below for further updates)

“Really! I said exasperated… “Why do people still go so slowly up passed Stonehenge. It`s not like you can`t see it for miles or have the opportunity to take a quick photo. It`s 30 miles per hour you fools! Just drive!!!!!!!”

Giles just laughed at me and slowly we approached the top of the hill, which is, by the way, the best place to take a selfie of Stonehenge.

As myself and Giles have never had a selfie at Stonehenge and also it was a “weekend to remember”, I got my new I phone 6 out. He slowed down a little more (bearing in mind we were moving in slow traffic) all ready for the selfie.

Unfortunately, although having had i phones before, the camera was not showing Stonehenge in the background, just our crazy smiling faces. I kept checking the pictures moaning that I couldn`t see Stonehenge in the background.

“ Hit the bit where the window is”  Giles said, trying to concentrate on the road

“The what?” I asked pressing the button taking more crap pictures.

“ Push on the screen where the window is and the square box”

“Oh, ok” I responded pressing that area and then checking the photo. OMG, I finally had a decent picture. PHEW

“ How long have you had i phones for?” he asked.

“ Forever” I replied, “Thank you sooooo much for showing me how to use my camera”

We started laughing, and then I looked in front of our lane….and there was a massive gap! Then I looked behind and saw there was now a massive queue……we (or I) was now the one holding up all the traffic!

“Drive Giles Drive” I yelled “we are holding up the traffic “……. then realised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“NOW THAT IS WHY NO ONE GOES UP QUICKLY AS THEY PASS STONEHENGE” Giles said and then para- phrased my early moan in a squeaky mocking voice ….

 “Why do people still go so slowly up passed Stonehenge. It`s not like you can`t see it for miles or have the opportunity to take a quick photo. It`s 30 miles per hour you fools! Just drive!!!!!!!”

By now I had tears streaming down my face with laughter and throughout the journey, I would remember it again and start giggling to myself. I will never pass Stonehenge again without laughing and appreciating the slow-moving traffic ahead.

When we had calmed down from the “Stonehenge selfie”, I texted the other ladies who were all travelling up from London in another car. Low and behold they were only 10 minutes behind us….moaning about the traffic on the Stonehenge hill…..ooops sorry ladies.

*So Giles set off for his annual trip to Cornwall over Christmas. He took the sneaky little short cut – but ended up spending 30 minutes doing so as the whole area was gridlocked! He sent me a video of him sitting in the car saying “Well this is a great short cut…not lol” Did I wet myself laughing??? Hell yeah!!!!!!