Two years ago, I attended a 10 week mediumship course at the College of Psychic Studies (it`s a bit pricey, but would highly recommend it if you are into healing, psychic or mediumship work) .

The amazing Daniel Pitt led the course and in week 5, we looked at Tarot cards….. and I haven`t looked back since.

I didn`t have any tarot cards of my own so I used one of Daniels sets during his tarot lesson.

We paired up, and I was with the lovely soft and gentle Elizabeth in our group. Daniel said to look at the image on the card and use that as a start to the guidance that you will give to your “sitter”.

I was blown away how accurate my reading and Elizabeths readings were for eachother……something about Tarot connected with me.

I came home elated about Tarot cards so for birthday, my mother in law bought me a deck of the original cards RIDER WAITE cards and my sister in law brought me a tarot guidance book. I read the book and started to learn the different meanings of each card. However to this day, I still use the pictures to guide me, and might use the book as a back up.

Over the next couple of months, I also bought myself numerous decks from Wish and a lovely shop in Brighton.

Since that lesson with Daniel Pitt, I have given readings for numerous friends and families. I am happy to say, that everyone has left feeling empowered, settled and sometimes thoughtful.

Let me make one thing clear though……

For me, I don’t do tarot reading to predict your future (although alot of the readings are spot on with what is happening in ones life etc) Tarot readings help the sitter (you) to contemplate things that are happening in their lives, as well as their dreams and wishes!

Also if the DEATH card appears, it DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL DIE!!! so don’t be scared. It means that something is coming or has come to an end…whether it`s a habit, a job, a relationship, etc etc.

I am now looking forward to returning to the College of Psychic Studies to start a new course on TAROT with a very dear old friend of mine who I started my spiritual lessons nearly 25 years ago.

If you would like a reading, then please don`t hesitate to contact me. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


Last night I attended a family party (on my husbands side) and one of his cousins asked me more about Tarot! I always try to carry my “handbag” sized cards with me and low and behold – I had them in my bag. She asked me to do a reading so I suggested that due to the length of time that could take (and as we were meant to be partying) that we just did a one card read. She was up for that and so we went upstairs to one of my other cousins bedroom to do the reading. The room was perfect as my adorable cousin who lent me her room had fairy lights all around! What a great ambiance!

So the “sitter” shuffled the deck and drew a card. I gave her the reading and she left grinning from ear to ear! It was not long before word got round and before I knew it there was a queue outside the bedroom door and after 7 readings later (and over a period of 2 hours) I was spent, sober and happy to start partying again!

I would like to thank all those that requested a reading and walked away happy. I was privately concerned that a negative card would come up and someone would walk away unhappy (it was a happy party after all) but luckily none did! Maybe that says a lot about the beautiful people I am blessed with that surround my life.

I have also started my course that I mentioned in this blog weeks ago and that has been very interesting. We are looking at the “Major ” cards in detail and I look forward to tomorrow when we start looking at the cards I am less familiar with! I also love the fact that each Monday I am meeting up with my old pal from Uni days and we are chatting and laughing (during the course oooooppppsss!!!) as well as before and after over a cup of tea and some food.

The leader of the course, Avril, has set us a “study buddy” and each we we have to draw a card from the MAJOR cards and give a reading via email to our partner! So thank you “partner” for your readings to me and my responding to my readings to you.

Which brings me back to last night – once again thank you everyone for having faith and trust in my readings – your positive feedback means a lot to me – it means that reading TAROT is a natural and “meant to be” thing in my life. And as always – everything that was said “in that room – stays in that room” 100% Confidential xxxxxxxxx

If you would like a reading, you know where I am 🙂