Sharnie is just one of my bestie of Besties. Throughout ones life, you meet new friends along the way so therefore I do not believe in having just one BFF.

I met Sharnie through my husband 20 years ago (which made our ages roughly 23 and 22 – she being the younger). My hubbie worked with her at a bank in our local town. At this time, she lived down the road that my hubby grew up on. I can`t actually remember the first time I met her but thats irrelevant as she has been a very special part in my life since.

I do remember in my minds eye thinking “Damn, she is a gorgeous Indian lass” when I first saw her and then she spoke……. I was not expecting such a deep and east end accent voice leave her vocal chords. We quickly warmed to eachother.

Two years later, I needed somewhere to live for a short while whilst I was buying my studio flat…and Sharnie said “how about my house”. By now Sharnie was living near the airport.

Before I knew it I had had moved into her spare bedroom.

One thing I have not mentioned about Sharnie is that she can cook!!!! So I was VERY well fed and lived there happily for 2 months or so.

During this time, Sharnie wasn`t feeling great so I suggested I gave her some healing. She was up for it and I sat her on a chair in her front room and started to clear her chakras.

When I got to her tummy I felt an almighty powerful surge of energy and told her so. She said she would keep it in mind. What I thought to myself was that she might be pregnant.

A week later, without me knowing she took a pregnancy test and found out that she was pregnant! She told me the fantastic news, and I told her what I had also thought during the healing session! We always tell this story with a beaming smile on our faces to some one new whenever we get the chance.

My studio flat was ready, so I moved out leaving her to decorate “my room” ready for her first child.

When Sharnie gave birth to her son, myself and my fianace (now hubby) went straight up to the hospital to see them both. During the visit, Sharnie blew us away and asked if we would both be god- parents to her son. Of course we happily and humbly accepted. Two years later, her second son was born. Both those boys are also now “my sons” and I love them to death.

So life between me and Sharnie went on!

Twenty years have passed. Things have happened in Sharnies life that are personal to her, so I am not going to divulge, however, I know that these “ordeals or situations” have made mine and Sharnie`s relationship stronger than ever. She knows she can trust me and visa versa. We have laughed, we have cried, we have chatted for hours on end, either in person or on the phone (thank god for free phonecalling now!) and we laugh and gufaw (yes Sharnie that is a real word) tonnes more.

To get the real jist of me and Sharnie…..just read my story “CIRCLES”. Shona is Sharnie 🙂

To sum it up, she is the Indian BBF in my life…she is always there for me, no matter what time or day, and if we don`t laugh our arses of during any conversation, then something is wrong. She has taught me to cook (although my boys will disagree), and be independent. She refreshed my make up and hair on my wedding day, and for that I am truly grateful. She gives me the cuddles when I need them and she drives a mean car……with a great personalised number plate – thanks to her other BBF, Bindya!

When we are in her car, we blast 80 tunes and sing from the top of our lungs…and also if you want to go shopping for clothes or make up (and then have lunch ) – then she is the one to do it with. (Rock on tomorrow!!! as we are doing it again)

Sharnie Rocks, Sharnie Rolls and she is just Damn Fab.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she makes me more than happy…..I am blessed to have her in my life and I love her and will love her forever.

Don`t worry other BFF off mine– you will get your blog in due time! It was Sharnie`s bday last week – thus this blog 🙂