This weeks blog has to be about my youngest son who started Secondary School last week. This week was his first full week (and for this bog I will refer to him as Bob).

I am overjoyed that Bob is in Secondary School and that he has settled in well. However, if I thought I had grey hairs before he started….then basically, I should now have shares in L`Oreal hair dye because if things keep going the way they have been, then I will be dying my hair every week!

Let me explain why….(and bare in mind that he achieved extremely high scores in his SATS which redeems him as intellectual!)

On his first day (Wednesday) , I dropped Bob off at the front of the school so he could meet his friend and walk in together. There was a large space (due to double yellow lines) so I dropped him off there and watched him literally trot towards the school gates. We had arranged for me to pick him up around the corner of the school (where there is another entrance/exit ) as that is where I usually pick up his brother, due to ease of parking.

At the end of the school day, I parked up (across someones drive) and waited. I waited 5 minutes before realising that no students were coming out of that exit. It then dawned on me (excuse the pun) that I remembered on the first day back, all year 7`s come out of the front entrance. Obviously, I couldn`t leave the car where it was so I started to drive around to the front of the school to look for a space. However, all the other 150 year 7 parents had done the same thing! I drove past his primary schools friend`s father and yelled out “If you see Bob, grab him for me” He gave me the thumbs up so I drove all the way around the block and finally found parking far far away. I was now the one trotting up to the school gates. To my relief ( I wasn`t anxious one little bit..honestly) to find Bob smiling his head off. He told me he had a good day. PHEW!

The next 2 days I was on training all day and out in the evening, so my husband did the drop off and pick up.

The first proper time I got to speak to BOB again was Friday evening.

“So how is school going?” I asked

“All good” he replied. “Oh, but mum, I have lost my rugby top”

“What?” I gasped “What do you mean you`ve lost it” (Pound signs were pinging in my mind)

“ I don`t know where it is”

“If I go upstairs and find it in your drawers…..”

“No, I lost it at school, I looked in my bag and it wasn`t there” was his innocent response.

I was about to go out for the night so I said we would deal with it in the morning, already working out the email I would send to the school.

On Saturday I asked if he had any homework:

“No” he replied, then paused then said “Oh yes, I have Drama homework”

“OK, What is it?”

“I don`t know”

“What do you mean you don`t know”

“I don`t know what I need to do”

“Well is it something on-line”

“No, they gave us a yellow booklet and I have to fill in the first page”

OMG!!!!! (and breathe)

“So you DO know what you have to do, you just haven`t looked at it”

“Guess so” was his reply.

10 mintues later his homework was completed!

On Sunday evening when I asked Bob to go upstairs and get his clothes etc ready for school for the next day I hear him yelling down the stairs…

“It`s ok Mum, I`ve found my rugby top, it`s in my drawer”

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! It turns out he didn`t even pack it in his bag for his previous PE lesson. Thankfully, I hadn`t gotten around to sending the email to the school with regards to someone stealing his top!

Monday we were half way to the school when he realised he didn`t have his school bag. Back we went to pick it up. He came out of school saying he hd lost his purple water bottle.

Tuesday he comes out of school saying he had lost his clip-on tie!

“It just fell off and I don`t know when, how or where it is.”

Thankfully, on Wednesday he didn`t lose anything, however, I NEARLY lost my patience. He told me that he wasn`t having trumpet lessons (that I had paid for on-line 2 nights previous) because his name wasn`t called out when the list was read out. An email was immediately sent to the school (and it transpires that all is good..he is having trumpet lessons and they will even supply a trumpet for him for the whole term). I asked about homework and he said he had Geography and it was to memorise facts about Edinburgh. I was happy and relieved to know he now knew what his homework was.

I suggested that he wrote down the facts as he learnt them. He full heartedly disagreed with this, so giving him the benefit of the doubt, I said that he had better start researching.

Twenty minutes later I asked him to name me 5 facts about what he had researched. He could only come up with 3 and then HE has the ingenious idea that he should write the facts down!!!!


Thursday both boys came home together by bus (rather than me picking them up) and all went well.

I now felt like all was good and things were getting better.

Then Friday arrived. Bob came home to tell me that he had lost his library book. Not the schools library book, but our local library book!

“I left it on the table in the school library and when I got back, it wasn`t there”

I sighed and sighed and sighed a bit more…..

“When did this happen and who did you tell?”

“It happened yesterday and I didn`t tell anyone”


Another email was fired off to the school asking them to check the library for the book etc etc….without actually suggesting that some one had stolen it! (Update – the librarian rang me to tell me she had the book on her desk waiting for Bob to collect! Phew panic over!)

So now it`s Sunday and who knows what I have in store for next week. Hopefully Bob is less over- whelmed about being in a massive school with lots of different teachers etc etc and he won`t be so `un-mindful` about things going missing, more complex homework systems and will start to breeze through Secondary school like he did in Primary school. FINGERS CROSSED.. or else my hair will fall out 🙂

9/11/19 Update – Bob is now a GNT student (not the gin variety – but the gifted variety!) I received a letter from his school saying he is in the top 10% of the highest test results in his year group…he is also the citizenship ambassador!!!!!! GO BOB!

Thank you for reading.