My sister makes me very happy! She is older than me by 2 years and 1 week. Her birthday is a week later than mine and she was very confused as a child that although she was older, my birthday cam first! She also was gutted about this as it means that a lot of the time, she would know what her birthday was as Mum and Dad always brought us similar things. It got to the point that I would not tell her what I got until her birthday LOL.

As we grew up, we shared a bedroom and of course we had our squabbles because I was the tidy one and she was the messy one! However when she lived in her own house – she suddenly became extremely house proud and everything had it`s own place.

We had bunkbeds in our room and my sister would turn of the lights at night, and then start saying “I`m coming to get you” from the top bunk. Talk about scaring me!

We always remember one specific night when we were literally yelling for our mum from our bedroom as we wanted some water (once we were in our room we weren`t allowed to leave it). Mum did not come up! So we started talking quietly to eachother about this and that and 5 minutes later our mum yelled up the stairs “Will you too stop talking”. How did that work that she couldn`t hear us shouting for her but could hear us talking quietly?

Many years later (infact it was New Years Eve of the Millenium) my sister and I stayed the night at Mum and Dads, back in our old bedroom. It was about 1:30am and we were reminisicing about our childhood in that room. When we were little we used to make inprints in the wallpaper (as it was that bubbly 70`s type) and so we thought it would be funny to do it again!Same wallpaper – different colour! This set off the giggles. We then remembered that particuar night I have just written about and we started laughing and giggling even more, and guess what, our mum came into the bedroom and told us to be quiet and go to sleep. OMG we were now laughing hysterically cos not only was it New Years Eve (well New Years day by then) but we were no longer children but adults!

It wa about 10 years ago that we started the “I`m Mum and Dads favourite” banter. We would sign cards saying “from your favourite” etc. One Christmas I had the best idea! I found a T shirt printers in the town we grew up and asked them to print 2 T shirts saying “ Dawn`s my favourite”. I wrapped them up and gave them to Mum and Dad who were having Christmas at my house that year. They opened their presents and pissed themselves with laughter. Later on my sister was due over with her presents. She came in and started laughing when she saw the T shirts that Mum and Dad were wearing. She handed them her presents, and low and behold they opened them up to find T shirts stating the She was their favourite! Talk about similair minds! And then we found out we had both used the same T shirt printers – god knows what the staff must have thought!

My Dad topped it the following year. Unbeknowns to me and my sister – my dad had a secret challenge going on between us. Basically for everytime one of us visited Mum and Dad – we got 3 points, for every time we rang them – we got 2 points and for everytime we told them we loved them – we got 1 point. All year he kept a record and in his mind, 21st Decemeber was the deadline.

This Christmas we were all sat around the dinner table and this is when he declared what he had been up to. You should have seen mine and my sister face! We both looked at eachother nervously!!!! Who was the winner – who really was the favourite.

My dad announced that on the 20th of December I had earnt 251 points and my sister had earnt 254. Talk about me being gutted and my sister whooping and cheering. When she finally quietened down, my Dad continued

“However, “ he said, “the deadline was on 21st December and on that day, Dawn only not rang us, but also said she loved us, which meant you both actually tied!”

Now who`s turn was it whooping and gloating. We both were in happy hysterics and tear of laughter were pouring from our eyes! Mum and Dad gave us both a present and thanked us for both being the best daughters they could have asked for.

So as you can see, my sister and I have exactly the same sense of wicked humour and she is my soul sister and I love her with all my heart.

(however, Rosie is still my favourite sister!!!!!!!) 🙂