My Dad

Each day I am surrounded by my dads love and creativity because…

During July, I had one of the best times with my dad which made me very happy. We were insulating my garden shed for me as I needed an new office space. All week from 8:45am until 3pm, my dad and I work harmoniously together.

Once we were in the `mode` he didnt need to ask me for things i.e. the stanley knife, screws or “hold this up for me” as I automtically knew what he required. I also was one step ahead of him and had things ready for him or had tidied up the area he was about to use. We got a lot done in no time at all.

He said he had a de ja vu that week! I was loading up heavy bags of sand into my wheelbarrow and taking it to the garage at the bottom of my garden ( I am only 4ft 10ish but nothing stops me) The de ja vu was back when I was 16! Back then dad gave me a sledge hammer so that I could knock down a solid brickwall of a cow feeding shed. I picked up the heavy hammer and got on with it.

When I do “heavy man stuff, and someone says “don`t lift that “ or “don`t do that” because they fear I will hurt myself, I am always proud to say that “I am my Mxxx Sxxxxx`x daughter.”

I remember one time when I was about 7 and I was playing out the front of our house and my dad came out and got into his car. I ran over and asked if I could go with him, and he said

“Of course, jump in!”

I put on my seatbelt all excited about going who knows where.

My dad reversed the car about a metre and turned off the engine and got out. He came round to my door and opened it and so that I could get out.

“But I thought we were going somewhere” I said confused. He laughed his kind laugh and said he just needed to move the car up a little so that my uncle (who was due over) could park his car. That is my dads dry sense of humour for which I love him forever for.

I don`t ever remember me and my dad arguing or getting upset with eachother apart from one occasion. Back in his youth, my dad was a Rocker (not a mod 🙁 ) He had the quiff, side burns, leather jacket and the winkle pickers. He, of course, owned numerous motorbikes.

I followed in his footsteps and when I was 16, I was given a moped for free by my piano teacher. My dad uploaded the moped in his van and took me to the CBT centre so that I could pass my CBT test. At 17 years of age, I bought my first motorbike, It was a Honda CG 125 cc and it was immaculate as it was an ex-police training bike. I love that motorbike to bits and couldn`t wait to start learning to drive it.

My dad took me over to the garages across from where we lived and told me how the bike worked.

“Pull in the clutch, select the first gear and let out the clutch slowly.”

Simple right! But not for me, I kept stalling it over and over again. Of course we both got very agitated… me because I couldn`t do it and my dad because it came naturally to him and also wanted to see me zoom off!.

After 15 minutes of failure on my behalf and some heated words from my dad, I left the bike where it was and stormed off back home.

After we had both calmed down, I decided to take the bike out on my own, on the road…and lo and behold…I drove off.

I also road around our block quite a few times and then the bike cut out. I hadn`t realised that the petrol was running low and that I needed to switch it to the reserve tank. Thankfully I sussed that one out myself and drove back home to return to a very happy and proud dad.

I hate letting him down!

My dad is not a man of many words, especially if you don`t know him. However, on my wedding day, he rocked!

Of course he had to do a wedding speech for me, and he doesn`t like the limelight, so naturally he was very nervous. However, once the mike was in his hand – there was no holding him back. He delivered one hell of a “wicked “ speech and it was beautiful to see the twinkle in his eye that I have seen throughout my life when he is proud or happy about something. And on that day, he was proud and happy about and for me! I was so happy! Thank you dad.

My dad means the world to me, and between him and my mum – I am who I am. (see my blog on my mum for more details).

Thanks dad for giving me my dry sense of humour and thanks for nuturing the tomboy in me!

I do not however thank you for my hairy legs – lets hope I don`t follow your path and go bald as well. xxxxxxxx