I know my elder sister will be reading this so firstly I have to mention that I am my mum`s favourite daughter! LMAO – long standing joke that will be shared some time in the future

Seriously though….I could not have asked for a better mum in the whole wide world.

She has always been there for me and my sister when we were younger and now, she also is there for her grandchildren and great grandchildren as well as balancing her time, energy and love with our gorgeous dad and her devoted husband.

As I grew up, Mum was firm and strong, she had routines and didn`t back down or go against what she originally said. This meant that firstly, I knew exactly where I stood with her, and that gave me a very “safe and comfortable” childhood. It also meant that I did my homework as well as knowing all my times tables off by heart and knew all my weekly spellings. This has led me to be an educated adult with a degree and a job I love (however ignore the grammar errors in this site as it is just for fun 🙂 ). It also means I live be routines.

My mum has installed in me the importance of housework. She had me and my sister dusting the front room everyday before we went to school and washing up and drying up after a meal (there were no dishwashers in our youth). As an adult, I have relaxed in that routine, however I still like to think that I am house proud- (bare in mind, I do have 2 teenage boys!!!)

My mum has always been there for everyone whether it is family or friends, and her heart and love that flows from it is something that I know I have inherited from her as well. Thanks mum.

One of the best things about my mum is that she has let me be ME. When I was in my teens I turned “Goth” drenched in black etc etc. I remember she told me once that a neighbour mentioned my “dress code” to her and my mum stuck up for me and said “I will be who I want to be”. And she was so right for saying that.

The other thing about my mum is that both her (and my dad) understand I need to make my own mistakes. I have to experience life and I know that if I need advice, love and guidance, she (and dad) will be there without judgement…they will provide me with love and a big cuddle.

One last thing……..I cannot thank my mum enough for helping me through the first 6 weeks of being a mum myself. She was here, and once again not telling me what to do, but listening and guiding me into the world of motherhood.

Mum you really are a truly amazing lady and I`m know there is a lot more that I can type, but that is private between me and you.

Happy 70th gorgeous lady.!!!!!!!!