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Information and top tips on completing a 5D Diamond Painting

A helpful guide with top tips on 5D Painting

A fantastic picture of Marilyn Monroe
One of my favourite flower pictures brought from Wish
One of my favourite flower pictures brought from Wish

5D Diamond Painting makes me very happy and relaxed so I wanted to share my experience with you by providing information, top tips, and examples of my work. I have added a pros vs cons list at the bottom. Please feel free to contact me if you have useful hints too.

Information on what you get with 5D Diamond painting sets.

In late 2018, I originally wanted to try sequin art however that Christmas, I received a present from my gorgeous Cousin Sister. To my delight, when I opened it, it was a 5D Diamond Painting set of a colourful cat.

The set contained :

My first 5D Diamond Painting
  • A sticky canvas with the outline of the picture on it.
  • All the different coloured beads required, within their individual packages.
  • Small bags to put the beads into when you are not using them.
  • One pink stylus pen that you use to apply the beads.
  • A small square wax pad that is used to help the pen hold the beads.
  • For placing the beads in, you are given a small green tray
  • Tweezers (I have never really needed to use them).

Immediately I got to work on the picture and completed the 5D painting the next day. It was completely addictive, (especially as you want to see the end result). But what now? I wanted to do more so I went on line to find out more information. I also used the WISH app where I found 100 of different designs to choose from. Five more sets were quickly ordered.

What I quickly learnt – important information!

When the sets finally turned up (one has to be patient if ordering from WISH) I quickly learnt 2 things about 5D pictures and I want to share this important information with you.

1) Not all pictures are FULL DRILL – this is where the whole picture is covered in beads

2) and not all pictures look like the ones advertised. (Below is an example of both) However, the picture below was from WISH and only cost me £3 inc P&P so it was a cheap learning curve.

However, if you look at the reviews and descriptions, you soon get an idea of what will be an almost ‘true’ likeness.

Information on personalised 5D diamond pictures

SIL’s birthday present

My sister in law saw my 5D pictures and suggested they would make great gifts, especially if they were of a personal nature.

Her birthday was almost a month away so I took her up on her suggestion. I found a website victoriasmoon where you can upload your pictures and they send you a 5D set.

After uploading a picture from her wedding day, I paid for it and the set arrived a week later. Finally, after three weeks of continuous ‘drilling’, her present was finished and framed.

Pros vs Cons


  • Very therapeutic and relaxing
  • Most pictures are truly beautiful and sparkle and glimmer if caught in the right light
  • They are cheap to buy and make great gifts.


  • 5D painting is very time consuming (e.g. the tiger picture took me 2 weeks)
  • Beware, it can become addictive
  • Take breaks as it can give you neck ache and hand ache
  • Framing them can be expensive as the come in all weird sizes
  • Having kittens means I have to put the beads safely away in their small bags each night otherwise there will be mixed up beads everywhere in the morning

Helpful top tips

Use WISH if you are starting out – cheap to buy, however look at the description and reviews as to whether it is a full drill and looks like the actual picture, and be patient for them to arrive.

FB advertises alot of 5D sites – but they are mostly all American sites.

Being left handed, I find it good to start from the right hand corner / side. This way you can keep the plastic cover on whilst drilling which protects the rest of the sticky picture.


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