“There are only two days in the year when nothing can be done.

One is called yesterday and one is called tomorrow.

Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly LIVE”

Dalai Lama

1st: Write out two lists today: 1 of everything that makes you happy and 1 of everything that you do but don`t enjoy! Then DO NOT do anything on the second list and live according to the first list for the rest of this year (unless it then makes you unhappy)!

On New Year’s day I was at my `angels` house enjoying a leisurely day and decided to start the challenges. I found some paper and a pen and began to write the list of things that make me happy and it goes a little something like this: (and in no particular order)

  • My Cats (except Turbo who keeps me awake at night)
  • Tarot reading
  • Watching Friends and not Anime films
  • Being around people that make me laugh
  • Making things for people or helping them solving problems
  • Going away on short breaks or staying in lovely hotels
  • Me time
  • Writing
  • Being organised

My “what I do, but don`t enjoy” list is

  • Smoking and drinking (I enjoy it at the time  – but not later!)
  • Doing things I don`t want to do because others want or expect it off me i.e. Mostly housework.

So, I have to give up certain things which is scary, but I will work hard at it. As for the housework – I think I will have to employ someone!!! What am I thinking…. I have my two teenage boys here!!!! (she now says yelling up the stairs) The old Tough Dawn will have to arise this year!!!

2nd: Do one thing from the first list that you wrote yesterday! Infact –do it RIGHT NOW!

This one was easy! I watched Friends whilst the boys were out last night, you know – the one where Rachel falls for Italian dude just as Ross falls for Rachel.

3rd: Buy something just for you!

I went up the high street with intentions of buying myself some Bras from good old Primark (I know – I have expensive taste!!) and my favourite body wash from Boots (the pink Champneys one). However, I now realise Primark bras are shite and also they didn`t have any decent ones in my size!! Boots also didn`t have my favourite body wash  – only scrub – and you all know I am not a scrubber LOL.

So what did I buy for myself in the end? You guessed it…2 bottles of Pinot Grigio…..so much for my “Happy” list. I will get there.

4th: Take note of all the smells around you

Not smelling much today – thank god as the house was starting to smell very “teenage boy”. But, them showering, changing their bedsheets and opening their bedroom windows helped. I have the house to myself tonight – which means I can burn some lovely smelling candles!!!!!! YAY for me and my nose.

I spoke to Corinne who is 12 hours ahead of us due to being in Australia last night. She is also doing the challenge which means she is a day ahead of the challenges. It was first thing in the morning for her and she kindly informed me that what she could smell was her dog`s poo! Hopefully she smelt better things as her day went on.

Also, today I did a New Year tarot reading for myself and my tarot buddy, which was very positive and made me very happy.

5th: Make something with spaghetti

Simple – I was just cooking for myself so spaghetti on toast is was for me – but be mindful that I haven`t had this for years – so it was a very special treat 😊