Month One

The first couple of weeks of the three kittens life’s were quite boring if I was to be honest. They just fed from their mum and fell back to sleep (a bit like a new born baby). Obviously they started to grow a little and then finally, their eyes opened and they started attempting to move around their home of a cardboard box. They also become a little more curious.

After a week of being in the calm setting of upstairs, I brought their “home” downstairs into the front room so they could become acclimatized to us moving around them. We were then also all able to watch them grow on a daily basis.

About 3 weeks from when they were born, I found the kittens moving (some what unsteadly) around the front room as they had now found the ability to climb / tumble out of the box. My husband said surely we could make a `guard` out of the ten tonnes of lego that was stored in my eldest boys room. I humoured him and spent 4 hours building the tallest guard I could out of the lego pieces, but within 2 days, they were climbing over that. Time to buy the big enclosed cat pen I had originally wanted to buy when I had seen it on you-tube the week before.

Let`s just say this was not the first thing I started to buy for them. A climbing frame thingy and a ball rolling thingy, an assortment of small cat toys, a cat bed as well as a litter tray (for the forseeable future – well if I spent another £10 I would get free delivery so in total £80) were ordered on line.

The pen worked well. I kept the `roof` off and put a chair next to it so that Petrol could jump in and out to feed her kittens and they all seemed as happy as Larry. It also meant I could go to work knowing that they were all contained safe and sound.

During this month we finally decided on names for them all. The two black ones were named Turbo and Jet (keeping with the car theme) and the black and white one.. Well, firstly, I called her Pippi because of the white paws reminded me of Pippi Longstockings! The boys were having non of that and after a lot of ideas we all settled on Indy! Why Indy? Firstly, after Indiana Jones (as this kitten was the most adventurous and curious out of the three) and secondly, because it still kept with the car theme – Indy Car racing.

I thought Indy was a girl and the other two boys, however their first visit to the vet provided us with new information. Jet was a girl and Indy and Turbo were boys and they were all healthy and doing well. We kept the names regardless.

We all had turns in cuddlling and stroking them on our laps and I even found my husband one lasy Sunday afternoon with all 3 kittens on him!

IF we were to re-home the kittens, I only wanted them to go to people I knew and trusted. Friends and family came over an “ooooed and arrrred” at them, but no one was interested in giving any off them a new home.

So all in all, the first month (well, near the end) started to provide us all with endless excitement and entertainment. However, for me, as a mother of 2 children, I was naturally concerned for my new brood so the joys were also paralleled with a little anxiety.

So…..has having kittens made me happy or wacky? …. Definitely happy. Happy times all round..despite spending £80 on kitten paraphernalia!