On the morning of 13th February 2019, after coming back from my first school run, Petrol was laying on the floor in the front room making some strange noises, but of course, that was the morning where I had two important meetings to attend. I wasn`t too concerned as all the googling I had done about `kitten` birth assured me, that this stage could take up to 12 hours. So I went off to work, happy knowing that I had placed numerous cardboard `birthing` boxes in all the quiet places around the house that was also recommended by numerous websites.

I decided to pop home quickly before my next meeting and Petrol was nowhere to be seen. After going around the house hundreds of times, panic started to set in but then I finally heard a small and quiet meow from my eldest boys bedroom. I went in (once again) and looked around…..where the hell was she? She meowed again and I found her buried deep amongst the duvet of my boys unmade bed! And amongst the very half water, half blood soaked duvet, there she was licking a freshly born black and white kitten with another black kitten moving around the back of her! OMG was I happy! And OMG did I really now start to go into full panic mode. I ran downstairs and filled the hot water bottle and grabbed all the muslins (left over from my boys younger years) and ran back upstairs. I took one of the birthing boxes that was in my bedroom into my eldests bedroom all ready incase there was an emergency. I also had my “what to do in an emergency print” out too hand and was already. How many was she going to pop out? She had already popped out 2 on her own and so as I peered into the little den she had made for herself. I was ecstatic to literally see her pop out another black kitten. I was also very jealous that she did it with just a tiny grunt and one small push – not like me when I was in excruciating painful labour for nearly 24 hours!

I waited a further ten minutes, quietly checking in on them all, but all seemed calm and so that was that. I had me 3 kittens……2 black ones and a black and white one!

I rang the vets and I was advised that in about 4 hours, I could transfer them all into their new home. I went to my next meeting with the biggest grin on my face and happy steps in my feet. Four hours later, I started to transfer the kittens into their new home (the cardboard box) and placed them all into my youngest sons bedroom so that I could set about washing (and then throwing away) the duvet and cover (as they were not re-salvageable).

Petrol followed me and the box of kittens into the other bedroom and immediately began to attempt to take the black and white kitten back in the “birthing” bedroom. After some tooing and throoing, she finally realised that this was were she and her kittens were to stay for now and she curled up and they all began to feed from her. Petrol and her new litter were content and happy…and I had a large glass of wine.

You can see from the picture how tiny the kittens were when they were born and despite conflicting information on the web about when you can handle new born kittens, we went with the one that said we could all hold them, love them and rejoice in their birth from day one.

My eldest boy came home from school and was ecstatic and I was happy that the kittens had arrived that day as in a few days, my son was due to go off for a sking trip for the whole week! He cuddled them all one by one with such tenderness and love.

So does having kittens in my life make me happy????

The answer is extremely happy, completely over-joyed and a proud mum (once again…or actually…..does this make me a grandmum??)

Next week is all about the first month of having kittens in our lifes!!!