Diesel aged 3 yrs

I had always wanted a BWLC (aka Black Witches Lap Cat) but my husband was against having a cat…until the rats arrived in our house! A cat was the final answer when the rats started to avoid the traps set out for them. Mothers Day was approaching so as my present to myself….I drove down to my local RSPCA and purchased myself an adorable male, three year old BWLC . During the week the RSPCA came to inspect my house to see if it was suitable for a cat (can you believe that! A Cat – yet anyone can have a child and the house is not inspected for that!) anyway the house got the all clear and a week later I brought my cat home.

He was already named Diesel, which made me laugh as my husband is a Master Technician and despises diesel cars. However the last laugh was on me as it was my husband`s lap that Diesel decided to sit on….all the time.

FIve years passed by and after being told numerous times I was not allowed to buy a kitten that I could train to sit on MY lap, I sent it up to the angels and waited on their guidance and decision.

Petrol sneaking food from Diesels bowl

One late summers evening in September, a small version of Diesel appeared in my garden. My eldest boy spotted the cat and gave it some treats! Every time I went into the garden, regardless of what time of day or night is was, the cat would be there. It would jump up onto my lap whilst I sat outside reading my book and it would stay there for ages.

Within a week it had literally decided to live with us by entering my eldest sons open bedroom windows and sleeping on his bed. In due course, it would wander into my bedroom and curl up with me….all night. Of course I was in my element. We needed to have a name for the cat so I decided that to keep it in the car theme – Petrol would be a good name however I did not know what sex it was.

So off to the vets we went and the Vet confirmed that Petrol was a girl. We also checked to see if she was chipped and she wasn’t so £50 later she was chipped and had all the required jabs. About 3 weeks later, Petrol was showing all the signs of being on heat and of course, before I knew it, she was showing all the signs of being pregnant. We were not sure who the daddy was! It was either Diesel (who allegedly was neutered when I bought him) or the black and white cat who had started to frequent out garden! My eldest boy was delighted with the news. My youngest son didn`t seem concerned and my husband – well he took it as well as it could be taken!

So now, not only did I finally have my BWLC that I have always wanted, but she was also pregnant and my long awaited kitten (s) would be on their way.

Thank you angels!

And as I reminded my husband… one must always be careful with what one wishes for! I bet he had wished to agreeing to me buying a kitten ages ago and not me wishing for `a kitten`.

Check out the site next week for “the arrival of the kittens.”