Month Four

The kittens are no longer kittens! They have grown over night and now look like mini cats. Don`t get me wrong, they are still small but the cute bundles of fur have grown and stretched out tonnes and now they climb up the net curtains, my whole body and slowly I am also climbing the walls! I can`t cook without them jumping up onto the counters, which resorts to me closing them in the utitlity room. I can`t leave any food left out unopened, or dirty bowls or plates on the side. I can`t stand in the kitchen without Indy running up behind me, scratching his way up my body and on to the countertop. I can`t sleep in my bed with my feet hanging out of the duvet as they think it is a scratching post or something to bite. I can`t type on my laptop without them walking over the keyboard (so I blame them for any typos!)

Feeding time at the zoo!!!!

Despite cleaning the litter trays on a regular basis, the utitlity room continously smelt of poo. So after some investigation, I found 3 seperate `present`s for me behind the book shelf. I pulled everything out and cleaned up the mess! Rather annoying….however, it did mean I found that the washing machine pipe had a slow leak occuring, so I fixed that and looked on the bright side – without them pooing behind the book shelf, I wouldn`t have know the washing machine was leaking and fungus was growing all around the pipes!

I took the kittens to the vets for their second jabs and microchips (£150 later) and arranged to take them back within 2 months to get them spayed and neutured as apparantly cats don`t follow the rules of society and will shag any female, regardless of them being their sister! (and I now know I definitely don`t want any more kittens). I asked the vet when could they go outside. The answer was not a good one – not until they were 6 months old. However, a google search suggested different and that it can be two weeks after their jabs. I preferred that answer.

There has been discussions about re-homing them, but we all want to keep a different one, and despite all my complaints about them, I can`t let them go….because they still make me happy and they are part of our family now.