Enough is enough!!!! They need to be let out of the house. Not only for them, but for our sanity as well. Jet keeps leaping out the back door as soon as it`s open and Indy is trying to get out off any windows that has been opened (even with the smallest crack allowed). I booked them into be spayed and neutured and starved them all night as required. 7 0`clock in the morning, I find Petrol on my bed with all 3 kittens feeding from her! NO! They havent done that in weeks! They knew the fate waiting for them that day!

I rang the vet who said that because they had `fed` she could not operate now and I had to book them in for the following week! Have patience Dawn…2 weeks and they can go outside and hopefully the litter trays can be cleared away and windows opended once again! Just in time for the heat-wave we are supposedly due.

The day before the next spayed / neutred appointment arrives, and what do I find… Turbo trying to `get his wicked` way with Jet! Now I`m not sure whether cats can breed at this age – but I was not putting nothing to chance so I worked from home that day keeping a close eye on the kittens – the last thing I need is more kittens (even though kittens have made me happy – honestly 🙂 ) I`m glad I did take the day of because later in the day – Indy was also trying it on with Jet!!! One more day guys please – one more day!

That night, I kept Jet locked away with me in my bedroom and she cuddled up with me all night – I was in heaven!! Petrol spent the night outside so no feeding could occur and finally the big day arrived – went – and it`s now over. All kittens are fine and I am safe in the knowledge that they are safe from breeding. I can also start to relax a little more and look forward to letting them out in a weeks time. PHEW!!

Tilt your head!

So a week went by and I took Jet back to have her stitches taken out – but she was still slightly swollen so I had to wait 4 more days. In the meantime I finally let the 2 male kittens out as they were going stir crazy and on the whole it went OK. They both stayed closed to house and didn`t wander far and returned to the back door whenever it was opened. PHEW!!

I was trying to work out how much I have spent on the kittens so far, and what with food, litter trays, cat litter, continous toys to keep them entertained, and vet bills, I estimate I have roughtly spent easily over £1000 on them so far. GULP! And that is without pet insurance! And now I am about to set them up with a PET PLAN at their vets which is £14 per month per kitten…but I will be saving £100` s over the year doing it this way.

So you would think that that was the end of this blog as lots had occurred over this month – but NO!

Sorry – you have to tilt again! Can`t resolve this!!

On Sunday morning my youngest son pointed out that Indy couldn`t open his right eye! II was straight on to the phone to the emergency vet which I had yet not needed to use! The lovely receptionist said that if I got there in the next 2 hours a vet would be able to see us. She also explained it would be £75 emergency consultation fee! Honestly Indy, why couldn`t you have waited until Monday when my normal vets was open! Anyway, off to Willets House vets we went.

I registered Indy and was told there was a waiting time of ½ hour to 45 minutes. Time to get out Facebook and see what everyone else was up to at 10:30 on a Sun morning.

Whilst sitting in the waiting room, a young lad looked into the cat basket and said to his mum that Indy had eyes like their cat. What did he mean? Indy`s eyes should be shut like they were when I left the house!!!!

I looked into the basket and sure enough Indy was looking at me with both eyes completely wide open. “Great” I thought, it`s just like when there is some sound coming from your car and a technician sits in it and the sound is no longer there, or your laptop is playing up so you take it to the IT department and it works as good as new. Did I really come all this way for nothing…and pay £75 for nothing.

We were finally called into see the Vet and straight away she said, `oooo that eye looks sore`. Shamefuly I felt kind of a relieved as it meant I wasn`t wasting my time or money. The outcome was that he hadn`t scratched the eye and it was probably conjunctivitus, that at present, wasn`t contagious to my other cats. PHEW.

We walked away with eye drops, painkillers and a bill of £105.

When I got home, with the help of my husband, we successfully applied the eye drop but trying to put the painkiller syringe into his mouth was another story.

So, do kittens make me happy – or wacky??? Well if you work out how many times I have written the word PHEW! means they are making me stressed – happy – stressed but then still happy! Also when you look at the pictures I have added – how can I not feel happy (and a little wacky!)