Month 3

Spring started to arrive and so windows were opened in the kitchen, but not for long as the kittens had grown strong and large enough that they could now jump up onto the kitchen counter tops and attempt to leave via the open windows!

Petrol was still feeding them, but I also started to introduce solid food for them. Indy turned out to be a complete gannit and pushed everyone (including the 2 older cats) out of the way to get to the food. Turbo ate when he could be bothered, but Jet avoided the food at all costs.

As Diesel is over 7 and Petrol over 1, it now meant that I had to purchase 3 different types of food to suit all of the cats and kittens ages. However, this didn`t last long as they all ate from whatever bowl…. regardless of the `age` food that was in them.

Sorry – you will have to tilt your head!!!

I took the kittens to the vets to get their first jabs and she suggested I mix in some cold chicken or fish into the food to entice Jet to eat and I`m happy to say, it worked. What also started to work were their bowels and now the corners of my front room and hallway seemed the ideal place to empty them apparently! So the litter trays came into action. Well, for 2 out of the 3 kittens that is (I never did work out which kitten was spoiling my carpet). The 2 kittens that were using the litter trays were making a great deal of mess, kicking the litter out of the tray and all over the floor. I went straight to the pet store and brought a hooded litter tray. YAY! I also ordered another one on-line 2 days later along with a `guaranteed carpet cleaner which kills odour and is a deterrent for the cats to wee and poo there again.` It was £7 wasted as not only did it do none of the above, it lasted for about 2 `cleaning sessions`.

During this month the kittens were now able to climb the stairs, or rather, run up and down the stairs. They started to chase each other all around the house and at night they would curl up on my bed, after playing `catch Dawn`s foot under the duvet!` Which at first was great fun for me and them but came quite tiresome when I was actually trying to go to sleep. One day I came home to find that one of them had decided that my duvet was the perfect place to deposit a wet watery poo! So off to the shops I once again went to buy another Duvet and Duvet Set! Except this time the Duvet had to be a king size duvet and they are not cheap!

So during the third month – do kittens still make me happy! Not when it comes to `potty` training! Three litter trays to clean on a daily basis as well as hunting around for random poo and continuously attempting to clean my carpet. Am I happy about paying out for more duvet and covers or cleaning materials that don`t work? NO!

However, when they curl up on my lap or sleep on my bed at night, purring away, the happiness returns ten fold.