Mother Nature works in mysterious ways

It is a calm Saturday! All the cats are chilling and suddenly Petrol springs into action around the full length (literally floor to ceiling) curtain in a corner of the front room.

Earlier, I had swatted a wasp and couldn`t find out where it went. I was concerned that the wasp had revived itself and Petrol was about to get stung.

BUT NO! Very quickly, a mouse darted up the curtain and both me and Petrol were now on full alert.

After 5 minutes of trying to find where the small little creature had disappeared to, I finally found it clinging for dear life at the top of the curtain within the `safety` of its dark creases.

I got the broomsitck and enticed (or rather prodded and pushed) the mouse back down to the floor. Petrol pounced, caught the mouse and took it straight outside. Jet was watching the whole event and chased after Petrol and soon took ownership of the mouse.

For the next hour, Jet “played “ or should I say “tormented “ the mouse.

Over the years off having Diesel, I have become immnune to the whole “OMG you are killing another animal”. I have slowly become “numb” to Mother Natures ways of life and excepted that cats kill…..but not before they have played and tormented the mouse / rat to death.

Another hour later I yelled at Jet “Jet, stop playing with it and just kill it” . As I said it, a white butterfly flew over Jets head! I looked at the mouse and it was as dead as a dodo. Jet looked at me, looked at the mouse, put her nose in the air and sauntered back inside the house. Mother Nature is amazing, sometimes cruel – but mostly amazing.

So the kittens have been with us for 6 months now. They are nearly as big as their mother was when she joined us. Their characters are blantant now! Jet is still the softessed when it comes to cuddling, pawing and purring. Indy is still bonkers and inititates all the fun and will only eat dry food! Turbo – he is my eldest`s favourite. However, Turbo has decided that my feet hanging out of the duvet are still mice to attack – so midst dream, I still will wake to fangs in my toes! Apparantly it is only me he does it to!

They all now have access in out of the house via the capflap which has given us all a new sense of freedom. So far they still only stay around the back of the house and not out the front by the main road, but the catflap also means I don`t know what I wil find each morning…a dead mouse, feathers, or worms. Even chillies – they all seem to really enjoy the red chillies from the neighbours garden and think that I would like them too.

Freedom from the catflap, their new independence and them cuddling up on my bed at night means I am a HAPPY CRAZY CAT LADY…