Curly Hair

6pm on the dot and we were all stood outside Terminal 3 having our last nicotine hit. The fact that we were all on time gave me a good feeling about the “A Team”

Within minutes we were all laughing and joking as if we had all known each other for years…bearing in mind me and Rupy had never physically met before.

We walked into the airport and placed all our “liquids” into Shona’s suitcase so that we did not need to worry about that part during the security gates part of our journey. My liquids consisted of perfume, toothpaste and 2 bottles of wine. We weighed our bags and they were all just within the maximum weight limit – phew!

We checked in with ease and the lovely lady behind the check in desk told us all the our bags needed to be checked in as the flight was full. I quickly retrieved all the valuable stuff from my suitcase (ie MONEY) and so bag- free, we sauntered our way through security and before we knew it we were in the duty free shops browsing through dress, coats and handbags.

We still had an hour to kill before our flight was boarding so we headed off to a restaurant and was seated straightway, much to our delight. Of course the selfies began! Everything was going so smoothly, too smoothly… I started to get concerned.

But before I could get really worried, our waiter appeared at our table with a humongous smile and tonnes of curly hair and looked no older than 21.

“Evening ladies, here are your menu’s for today and would you like a group selfie?”

He took Shona’s phone off her and started to snap away at us all posing with stupid grins on our faces.

“So can I get you ladies a drink?” he asked with his cheeky grin.

” Thanks for the offer but we will buy our own, SON” chortled Rupy.

He laughed and passed us our drink menus.

“I`ll let you look over the menu and I`ll be back”

“No, stay” Rupy demanded in her motherly manner, “We will have a bottle of white wine straight away,” Se briefly looked at the drinks menu

“Which ones girls?” she asked us all

“Let`s go for the middle priced one – always works for me” I suggested.

“Done” Rupy said passing back her menu.

“Wow, that was quick!” laughed Curly Hair (as that was the nickname I had decided to give him) “I`ll be back with your wine as quick as you chose it” and he walked off towards the bar area.

“Right, what is everyone having to eat?” Bindya asked.

We silently looked at the menu for a while. There was a large choice and I usually go for a burger and chips, but I vowed to try different things this weekend so I chose the Bangers and Mash with a jus sauce. Shona went for the curry, Bindya chose the puffed pastry tart and Rupy settled for a pasta dish.

Curly Hair arrived with our wine and poured the contents evenly between our four glasses. What a good lad!

“Cheers” we all said raising our glasses. “Here is to Shona and her birthday” I said.

“NO…cheers to all our birthdays…remember this about all of us” Shona beamed sipping her wine.

Curly hair returned almost immediately with our meals.

“Wow that was quick” Bindya remarked and then quietly added ” Bet they pre-make them and then just warm them up”

I agreed, “Knowing people are waiting for their flights and the quick turnaround they must have here, I guess that makes sense.”

We tucked into our meals, and it quickly became apparent Bindya was right.

“Mines half cold” she moaned.

“And mine has a film over the pasta” sighed Rupy. We all examined Shonas rather tough naan bread and all eyes turned to me.

“Well?” they asked

“Looks like I went for the right choice as mine is simply divine.” I said almost on my last mouthful…off both food and wine I must hasten to add.

Curly Hair returned and asked if everything was ok. Bindya shared her thoughts with him about the pre cooked preparation and Curly hair, being loyal to his employer, just smiled another of his cheeky grins with a glint in his blue eyes.

“Would you ladies like another bottle of wine? – that one seemed to go down quite quickly”

“We would love too, however we should really start heading for our gate,” Shona said. “Can we have the bill please” pulling out her Airport Staff discount Card.

” Where do you work in the Airport?” Curly Hair asked. He and Shona chatted a little bit about the airport and it turned out that this was his second shift off the day as they were understaffed.

“My good, I would be asleep on my feet if I had worked 14 hours non stop” I said, “and yet here you are all smiles and chatter”

He once again grinned and said “Well if I can`t tempt you to any more wine I had better get you your bill”

He brought the bill to our table and we all agreed to split it four ways, and with Shonas discount card, the bill was fairly decent, so much so, that we were able to leave Curly Hair quite a decent tip too. He deserved it after all.

After goodbyes and quick cuddles with him, we worked our way to the departure board. The flight information for our flight was showing up with “waiting more information”. We stood there for a while waiting for “more information” that didn`t arrive. Another lady and her daughter had also been there the same time as us.

” Where are you going?” Bindya asked them. It turned out that they too were off to Barcelona and they were also waiting “for more information” on the board. We chatted a little more when finally, our gate number was displayed and the six off us, plus nearly half the waiting area got up and started heading towards the gate.

When we boarded the plane, it turned out that the lady and her daughter were sitting behind our seats and so we shared out our lollipops ready for take off and the change in air pressure for our delicate ears.

Shona was sat by the window, me in the middle and Bindya to my right. Rupy sat in the sit infront of Bindya, next to a man we found out later was from the USA and meeting his brother in Barcelona. Rupy found out a lot more about him than that, but this is our story – not his.

Finally everyone was aboard, strapped in and ready to go and the plane started to slowly make its way towards the runaway. After a while, Shona said

“Something isn`t right, we have taken a very long way and time to get anywhere!” and then there was an announcement from the Captain saying that there was a bag on the plane that shouldn`t be on the plane so we would have to return back to the airport to have it removed.

Of course there was a lot of moaning, groaning, huffing and puffing and when the plane arrived back to the airport, lots of people got out of their seats to stretch their legs, after all we had been sat on the airplane for nearly and hour by now!

We decided at this point to kill some time with coming up with a profile for Curly Hair.

Name: Curly Hair (but we would like to call him Brad Pitt)

Age: 21

Description: Curly hair, stocky, cute grin, brown smouldering eyes (Rupy had noted)

Likes: Women who drink wine and old enough to be his mum

Dislikes: Working in that restaurant because of the long shifts.

Family Status: definitely single!

Job: Over worked and underpaid

Finally we were on the move again and back on our journey to the run way. Little did we realise that this was the start of our story….titled Circles.