Garlic egg (egg on garlic???)

We woke up to the sound off the alarm beeping away at 8:30.

” Rise and shine” Shona said spamming me gently on the forehead.

“Mmmmmmm whatever” I groaned and rolled over to face the wall and away from her spamming.

“I`ll jump in the shower then it`s your turn” She leapt of the bed and grabbed her towel and the next thing I remember she was back in the bedroom jumping on the bed spraying me with water from her wet hair

“OK OK I`m getting up” I said getting out of the warm bed in my PJ`s ” Do I have to jump in the shower as well or can I just stand there and wash myself?”

“Very funny” she replied dryly “Just get your arse in there and get ready because breakfast will be served shortly”

The image of garlic bread pizza flooded into my mind.

“I might take a miss on breakfast!”

As I walked into the hallway I was greeted by Rupy, wrapped in a towel.

“Good Morning” She greeted me warmly. “Oh, are you about to shower too?”

“No, you go first” I replied ” I can go for a quick ciggie and by then you will be out?”

“I`m on it” She said walking in to the bathroom.

As I reached the kitchen I heard another

“Good Morning”

“Morning Bindya, did you sleep well?”

“Like a log” She grinned, opening the plastic wrapper of the garlic pizza.

” Breakfast?” She asked

“Maybe” I looked at the garlic pizza

“Does that have cheese on it?”

“Yes, but I`m also going to add some of this cheese”

She pulled out a packet of sliced cheese from the fridge that we bought from the shop yesterday.

“Ughhhhh” She yelled as she opened the sill “It`s mouldy”

I grimaced!

Shona walked into the kitchen at that point and took one look at the cheese and started to gag!

“Oh that is sooo gross”

“I know” agreed Bindya “I`m taking it back today to get a refund! After all we spent in that shop, they couldn`t even give us decent sealed cheese.”

“So what now” I asked as my stomach was beginning to rumble.

“Leave it with us” Shona smiled and shooed me out onto the balcony for my cigarette.

Out on the balcony, I could her Rupy singing away in the shower as she had managed to work out how to open the stuck window.

I walked up beside the window and started to join in with her rendition of “tonights gonna be a good night”

“OMG ” screamed Rupy “You scared the living crap out of me”

“Not in the shower” I laughed ” The toilet is for crapping in!”

A small piece of soap came flying out of the open window just missing me.

Laughing, I picked it up from the floor and flung it back through the window.

“You almost finished because if you are, leave the shower running”

“All yours” she replied, so I finished my cigarette and headed for the bathroom.

Once dried and dressed I entered the kitchen to find a pizza slice with a fried egg on it.

“OK” I looked at it curiously ” and whose idea was this?”

“Mine of course” Shona said proudly.

“OK, here goes” I said tucking in.

And do you know what! It tasted good. I mean REALLY GOOD! I will definately

be trying that back in England.

“Well that is us all set for the morning” grinned Rupy, Madreting her stomach. “So, are we all ready?”

We all nodded and started to clear away and clean up the plates.

Ten minutes later we were all outside with a spring in our step ready for the down hill walk towards Allella.

“Have you got the map?” Rupy asked Shona

“No” she gafawed ” I know the way, follow me” And so we did. And about half and hour later we found ourselves back outside the winery!

Questionable raised eyebrows at eachother said it all and within seconds we were all inside, trying more wine from the glass thangs.

“Time to go” said Bindya after her 4th mouthful, “We have all day in Barcelona”

We left the winery and pretty much sprinted off to where the bus stop was.

And lucky for us, there was the bus, pretty much empty and just ready to leave.

“Perfect timing” grinned Rupy, stepping on to the bus

“Barcelona?” She asked the driver in a very dodgy Spanish accent

“Three Euro`s” he replied in perfect English.

“Sorry?” asked Rupy

“Three Euro`s” he said again

“All the way to Barcelona is 3 Euros? ” She questioned the driver.

“Yes” He replied so Rupy gave him enough for all our journeys.

We boarded the bus and enjoyed a steady ride into Barcelona. From a distance we could see the famous church Les Familiar and from afar it looked spectacular. Unbeknown to us then, that was all we were going to see off it.

We had no idea where to alight so Rupy and Bindya started a conversation with a couple sitting opposite them, who were thankfully English and were able to tell us where to get off and what how to get to Las Rambles.

Thanking them, we left the bus and headed for Las Rambles which thankfully we found with ease.