Las Rambles

We started to pass numerous tourist shops and I was on a mission to by my eldest boy `12 year old` a Barcelona football shirt and something to do with Rubiks Cube for `10 year old`.

All the shops were displaying the football shirts so I headed into one shop that had the most on display. Inside was an Indian man who straight away struck up conversation with Shona, in Punjabi.

“He says 40 euros for the football shirt”

“No way” I said “Come on, use your Southall bargaining skills and get him down to a decent price”

“He says they are the real macoy and not fake ones like a lot of the others ones that are sold in the market stalls and on the streets”

“I`m still not paying that price” I said walking out off the shop.

The owner shouted after us, this time in English

“You come back and I will do it for 25 Euros”

“MMMM” I said ” We will shop a little bit more first!!”

“Thank you Uncle” Shona said shrugging and we set off along the street.

We soon found signs for the food market and it had just started to bucket it down with rain, we ducked into the sheltered and extremely packed market.

We walked up and down the first three aisles and soon realised that the same kind of thing was being sold throughout but all slightly different in price and packaging.

Finally the girls found a stall selling crazy looking cooking oils, Saffron and other spices that were a very decent price and began spending their money.

I found a stall selling some delicious looking pitta bread filled with an assortment of meats and salad as well as freshly made donuts and bottles of coke. That was me sorted.

After 45 minutes of more walking up and down aisles, and passing stalls that now displayed brains and other peculiar parts of weird and wonderful animals that us Brits wouldn`t dream of eating, and other stalls selling 30 eggs for 4 Euros, (must send that photo to Roberta one day and let her know how cheap eggs really are) we decided to call it a day and go find somewhere for us all to sit down and have a proper meal and a large alcoholic drink.

The rain had stopped, thankfully, so we ventured back onto the main street and started to look for somewhere to eat. We walked along, pointing out different restaurants saying things like “what do you fancy” or that `place over there looks good`.

After walking most of the main street, we turned around and retraced our footsteps back to one of the restaurants that was pointed out at the beginning – because it was the one with the best looking pictures of Paella in the window as well as looking quite large and seats available.

“Welcome” a very tall man said quite abruptly as we entered “Table for 4?”

“Yes please ” we said and followed him up a narrow flight of stairs into a large seating area that was almost empty.

He pointed to a table in the corner and we all sat down not sure if we had chosen a good place in the end.

He came back quickly with 4 menus that were laminated, quite ear torn and the pictures on them reminded me of the pictures that were displayed on Wimpy menus, except these were Spanish dishes, not your regular burger, chips and milkshake.

One of the missions my sister had sent me was a picture of us eating paella, so we obviously had to choose one of those, along with lamb kebabs, chips and salad. We also ordered the obligatory bottle of house wine.

When the food arrived, we took pictures of them and sent them to my sister..what I didn`t tell my sister was that I wasn`t touching the paella with a barge pole. It looked and smelt disgusting, but that was because the girls had ordered a prawn paella and I don`t eat prawns (unless they are smeared with prawn cocktail sauce). The girls tucked into the paella and I tucked into the kebabs.

After food, we decided to join other people in the sheesha adjoining room. Ruby ordered some tea for everyone, and I ordered myself another glass of wine.

There was a lot of choking from the sheesha admist laughing at everyone and taking some photos but after a while we commenced with our shopping trip. We continued looking for cheaper Barcelona T shirts, but nothing was cheaper than the 25 euros deal we struck with the first man, so in good style, we all trooped back to the first shop where I bought the shirt, and 2 shops up found a Fortnight T shirt for my younger son. We did see rubiks cubes, but he already had all the ones they were selling.

After some jewellery shopping, we decided it was time to head for the beach and we were were told it was at the end off Las Rambles “Pass the large fountain and to the right” another Indian shop owner told us.

We walked passed the large fountain and found ourselves by not quite a beach, but water regardless! There were a lot of expensive looking boats moored up and a lovely place to sit and have cocktails. However, before cocktails, I was dragged into one more shop – a make up shop. Shona and Bindya were in their element and started trying this and that on. A male shop assitant had amazing glittery eyeshadow on! I asked him to show me the pallete and it was amazing. So If you can`t beat them then join them! I bought the pallete filled with golds, purples and silvers and added a mascara to my basket.

Finally everyone had paid for their items and we headed outside and found us a table overlooking the water. The girls ordered cocktails – of course I ordered a glass of wine.

“So, what’s the plan after this?” I asked everyone.

“Well….” said Shona, “ I was speaking to the over the top made up male sales assistant and he told me that the clubs don`t open until 12am!”

“OMG” cried Ruby, “It`s only 6:30pm”

“ We could go back to the apartment, get changed and come out again” suggested Bindya

We all looked at eachother.

“That will take forever” I gingerly said.

“So lets stay in at the apartment and have our own club” Shona replied.

“You sure?” Ruby said quizically “We thought you wanted to go clubbing”

“Not at 12am til god knows when” replied Shona, “I am more than happy having a house party. We could stop in Alella on the way back for some tacos and then head open.”

We all happily agreed and started to make our way to the first bus stop that would take us to the next bus stop where that bus would take us back home.