Party in the house

The first bus stop was easy to find, however, more could be said for the second one. After 15 minutes of walking pretty much in circles, we finally found the right stop and luckily the last bus for that night was due in 2 minutes. We also realised it was the bus stop that we had got off when we arrived in Barcelona that morning. The `off licence ` was right there, so myself and Ruby ran inside to grab some wine. Grab we did and when the man rang up the price, it came to a totally of 24 Euros! GULP!

We were about to change the bottles for cheaper ones when Shona yelled through the door that the bus was arriving. With great regret, I handed over my debit card and quickly paid for the `over the top` priced wine and ran on to the awaiting bus.

We arrived back in Allella for around 9pm and headed straight for the “ wine parlour” with the crates out the front.

Tapas, antipasti and of course olives were ordered along with a bottle of wine and we all sat on very high stalls around beer barrells that served as tables and tucked in.

“I didn`t realise how hungry I was” said Bindya wiping her mouth with a napkin.

“You know that,” I said, “Mind you we haven`t eaten since about 2pm, but we have drunk quite a bit!”

“So lets order a cab and get the party started” Shona said, leaving the table heading for the bar.

On her return she had another bottle of wine to add to the two I had expensively bought earlier, announcing that it only cost her £3 euros and that a cab would be outside in 5 minutes. And true to her word, a cab arrived driven by a young lad.

I climbed in the front and the others got in the back. I gave him the address and he started to head of towards our apartment.

I tried to chat with him but he said he spoke little English, and he also didn`t seem very happy! As the girls started chatting away about the days event, and getting louder and louder, his frown turned harder and harder. We went passed the ruins and started up the winding hills to the apartment.

The girls conversation then took a change (for the worst?) and they started laughing about what they could do to the driver to make him smile! They suggested to me that maybe we should invite him back as he seemed very miserable and a party might be just what he needs.

We came to a fork in the road and the driver looked a little confused.

“It`s this road “ I said confidently, “ We are there on the right” pointing in that direction.

He looked dubious but went down the said road, and we drove and drove, but there was no apartment on the right.

“Opps” laughed Shona “ maybe this isn`t our road “

“ I think it`s the next one” Ruby said through more laughter

So he turned around and commenced to the next road, and then the next road, and then back to the roads we had just been down.

By now we were all laughing with hysterics, swearing and singing loudly about “show me the way to go home” and it must have been infectious as he even cracked a smile.

We finally recognised the gate to our apartment and told him to stop there. We fell out of the cab and I used my best gestures to tell him we were having a party and did he want to join us.

He laughed and in excellent English said “ It`s ok girls, you go have a good night…without me!”

“OMG you speak English” I asked

“I understood every word you said” he smiled cheekily

“ Well for that I will let Shona give you a tip, Shona he needs a tip” I yelled

“ Don`t pass up a night with 4 gorgeous ladies” and with that she grabbed my arm and led us all to the apartment.

As we all stepped foot in the apartment, Bindya announced we all had 5 minutes to get changed and ready to party. I have never seen Shona move so quickly, let alone get changed, refresh her make up and be back in the front room in less than 5 minutes.

“Bloody hell” I laughed, “Why can`t you be that quick in the morning?”

Bindya and Ruby joined us and we all raised a cold glass of wine each and made a cheers.

“To clubbing” yelled Ruby “ To clubbing “ we all yelled back as by now we had Michael Jackson blaring from Shona’s speaker (we so now how to party).

For the next 20 minutes we boogied our butts off and the Bindya decided we should have a fashion shoot on the chaise lounge that was in the front room. So after quite a few photos, we decided a costume change was needed – and within 5 minutes – once again, we were all back in a different outfit (well you know how girls like to over pack!)

This time the pictures became a bit more…..girly and outlandish shall I say! But I will leave that to your wicked imagination.

Finally the night slowed down as tomorrow we had to leave this amazing apartment and commence back into Barcelona but this time, with a flight to catch around 9pm.