Month Two

It was during this month that the kittens really started to look like the cute and adorable bundle of joy that we all picture when we think of kittens. They also started to develop their own personalities.

Turbo was the biggest so far and the laziest. Jet was the skinniest and the gentle one, and Indy was just bonkers, the leader and instigator of their play fighting (which they now did in abundance).

They played with the toys I bought them for a short while, but like children, they found empty boxes much more exciting. I had a huge box that I cut little doorways in at the bottom of it and they had hours of fun with that. They used the climbing post for a short while and would only play with the ring that had a ball in it if I sat and played with them.

Petrol was the perfect mother and Diesel began to live more and more in our shed and when he did come into the house for food (of course!) the kittens were greeted with hisses and an occasional swipe from Diesels paw.

I started to get a crook in my neck as I had to continuously looking down as I walked around the house so as to avoid stepping on them. A week later I avoided standing still as they liked to climb up my legs or grab my ankles as I walked. Jeans were now a definite must.

The cat flap had to be locked at all times as the kittens started to try to climb out of it, which meant that Diesel and Petrol had no freedom to come and go as they pleased. I also thought that this would be a good time to get Petrol spayed (three kittens were plenty thank you very much) as she would be need to be housebound for a week or so after the operation.

They still slept a lot and that was when they received lots of stroking and affection from all of us.

So the end of month two, and do kittens still make me happy? But of course 🙂